Probate , Divorce, Bankruptcy


No Money Out of Pocket

Preparing the home for sale could be costly and may pressure you into selling too quickly at a lower price. In order to help, we could advance the funds for the initial services like utilities, cleaning, small repairs, pool maintenance, removal of trash and debris, and disposition of unwanted personal items by removal or estate sale.

Save on Realtor Commision

In our selling process, the buyer pays the agent’s commission.

Save on Attorney Fees

We can assist you with having the attorney fees discounted or even paid for you.

Evaluation, Repair Estimate, Marketing Strategy

We conduct a professional inspection, an appraisal and obtain repair estimates in order to help you make the right decision on estate liquidation. You are also provided with full marketing resources and listing services.

Fiduciary Duty

As a person in charge of the estate, you might face the scrutiny of other heirs or shareholders. Using our process will provide guaranteed, documented evidence that you have done everything possible to maximize the selling price of the estate’s assets.