REO Services

It’s The Little Things That Matter

 20 REO Rules We Follow When Working With  Corporate Clients 


1. Avoid contacting your AMs on the busiest days; Mondays and at the end of each month.
2. Contact your AMs in the beginning of the month and ask what are their goals for the month and how can you help them reach those goals.
3. Avoid calling – Use e-mails; Use phone calls only if your AMs prefer it.
4. Always suggest at least two solutions for each problem.
5. If you have already made the two suggestions – do not question the decision.
6. Write your e-mail requests in such form in which they can respond with "Yes" or "No"(time is of the essence).
7. Anticipate the needs of your AMs.

8. Get to know your AMs; their weak and strong sides, (different AMs have different approaches of doing business, even if it is the same company).

9. Communicate with your AMs on such a high level that they do not need to call you for an update.
10. When sending updates, make sure that your notes are good enough to be copied into official reports.
11. Advise your AMs what will happen in the next two weeks with open escrows.
12. Ask if an AM needs your opinion (do not waste time with Real Estate clichés).
13. Address your questions by email to the right person at the AM’s company and copy your AM; i.e. escrow, closing dept., billing and accounting questions, etc…
14. Always acknowledge the receipt of important documents,
e-mails or other requests.
15. Make your comments the most important part of our BPOs.  Make the pictures the next most important thing. (Take it videos for your AMs)

16. Check, double check, and triple check your packets before sending for signature. Pay attention to details. “Dot your i’s & cross your t’s.”
17. Do not say “it’s not my fault” or “it's not my job.”  GET IT DONE!!!
18. Do not question the listing price even if it is far away from your suggested BPO price.

19. Bring everything to your AMs on a silver platter:  the problem, the research, the cost, the options, the possible outcomes, and the end result.

20. MANAGE YOUR AMs, not the other way around - Be proactive, perceive information, be self- directed, don’t wait to be told what to do, advise and consult, educate and guide, be involved in the decisions, accept high responsibility. (This is the highest level of service you can provide).